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Get surprised by amazing features.

Ease of Use

One-stop solution for face-based photo-sharing and user controlled auto-sharing

Made for Everyone

Engaging and easy to understand user interface ensures fun for all

Shared Albums

Create shared albums and add friends/people seamlessly by their name or simply share the album link /QR code with them

Distributed Storage

Save your storage space with our intelligent photo sharing method and continue to access your photos from anywhere

Data Security and Privacy

Your data is completely secured and encrypted. It is only decrypted on cloud to detect and match faces, locations etc. as per your app settings

Advanced search

Search pictures by dates / faces / emotions / objects in the pictures / album name etc.

LIT is a fast and secure app that is built for both Android and iOS platforms.

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app features

Lightning Speed

Face based photo-sharing makes it a breeze to share photos automatically

Connect with your friends and enjoy the revolution

app features

Anywhere and Everywhere

Available across platforms. iOS, Android, Web

Cloud Storage helps viewing and sharing photos from anywhere

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Stay updated and join the LIT revolution

May 10, 2022

Our vision is simple – to help people treasure, nurture and share their memories easily,which is why we have tried to be as accommodative as possible with respect to photo-sharing needs, practical scenarios, storage options, search ability and auto-sharing needs.

LIT vs Other Photo-Sharing Apps

May 20, 2022

There are a lot of apps which allow you to “send” and “share” pictures but none of the existing apps is designed with the intention of helping friends share pictures with one another which they intend to shortlist and store on their device of their cloud storage.

Why should you use the LIT App?

June 3, 2022

Photos are an important part of our life to keep a record of our memories and to share them with others. A picture captures a moment and describes a lot of things such as the environment, the people, their emotions and well a “thousand other words”.