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The LIT App is the first-ever app that allows face-based photo-sharing and customised auto-sharing

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How it works - 3 easy steps

  • Upload Photos & Share album link/QR code with Guests


  • Guests will click a selfie and enter basic details


  • And BOOM! They get all there photos instantly



App Features

Face based photo-sharing makes it a breeze to share photos automatically


Ease of Use

One-stop solution for face-based photo-sharing and user controlled auto-sharing


Shared Albums

Create shared albums and add friends/people seamlessly by their name


Data Security

Your data is completely secured and encrypted. It is only decrypted on cloud


AutoShare Suggestions

Suggested auto-sharing makes photo sharing a breeze among your friends and family


Some awesome words about app.

The LIT App is one-stop solution for face-based photo-sharing and controlled auto-sharing. It is the first app in the world which allows you to filter photos by face before saving the pictures. Our mission is to help you share and store your memories/moments that really matter to you.

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Lightning Speed Anywhere and Everywhere

Some of the other features of the LIT app include advanced search filters (by faces, emotions, locations, landmarks, time etc.), shared albums for friends, distributed storage and rule based auto-sharing of pictures. This app is available across platforms and is also available for access through web.

  • Face Based Photo

    Face based photo-sharing makes it a breeze to share photos automatically

  • Connect

    Connect with your friends and enjoy the revolution

  • Avaiibility

    Available across platforms. iOS, Android, Web

  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage helps viewing and sharing photos from anywhere


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How is LIT App different from other photo sharing apps?
LIT App stands out by offering intelligent photo organization through facial recognition,high quality photo sharing, and user-friendly interface. It is the easiest way to get photo sharing recommendations with your friends without having to manually share them.
Can I share photos with friends who don't have the LIT App?
Absolutely! LIT App allows you to share photos with friends who don't have LIT app. They can easily view and download shared photos through a web link.
How does the facial recognition feature work in organizing photos?
Our facial recognition feature automatically analyses the faces in your photos and suggests friends to share photos with. It makes organizing and sharing photos with family and friends effortless.
Can I access my photos on the LIT App from multiple devices?
Yes, you can access your photos on the LIT App from multiple devices. Simply sign in to your account, and all your photos will be available across your devices. LIT App is available on Android, iOS and Web.
How does LIT App ensure the privacy and security of my photos?
We prioritize your privacy and security. LIT App encompasses robust encryption techniques to ensure that your photos are protected. Your data is stored securely, and we never compromise on the safety of your personal information.

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